Saturday, August 10, 2019

Solo SCRUM Sprinter App - an app to schedule your calendar with your current task

Solo SCRUM Sprinter App is a tiny Windows app that runs hidden in the system tray and is designed to pop-up at regular intervals to ask you describe the task your are working on. It's your own personal productivity tracking tool, with a difference.

Fancy name, what's so special? 

Solo SCRUM Sprinter is unique by directly tracking your time as a calendar appointment in Microsoft Outlook (or default .ics associated app) using no passwords

  • Books your calendar directly, best results if using Microsoft Outlook 2016
  • No passwords, no awkward permissions grants to deal with
  • Set a micro-interval to capture your work detail, never forget what you have done!

Motivation: Fill-out my time in Outlook calendar in most efficient way possible, without entering date and time and categories over and over again! 

This app adopts the SCRUM methodology and lingo where; 
  • A Story is a project which Tasks belong to
  • Each task has a Status (Start/To-do, Started/In-Progress/Build, Testing/Reviewing, Done/Complete) that you can ascribe
  • A Sprint is just a period of time you are doing work for
This app then creates an appointment at intervals you specify where; 
  • Story, Task, Status become categories in Outlook calendar event which you can filter and search on.
  • Sprint Description becomes subject and description of the calendar appointment

Booking directly into Outlook example Sprint

Solo SCRUM Sprinter App Features

Solo SCRUM Sprinter App hides in the Windows system tray and provide a non-ignorable pop-up message forcing you to document your current work effort. 

Additional features include; 
  • Set non-overlappting appointments in sss.ini, aka prevent "double booking"
  • Set min size of appointment in sss.ini, default is 10 mins
  • All fields initially customizable and savable at end of session into sss.ini file
  • Customizable messages accepting Unicode characters for your creative smileys - 〷◠‿◠〷
  • optional audio ding for countdown and repeat events (under Help menu)
  • Tooltip shows timer
  • extra - Stop Watch includes lap-time log

Here's the main app window; 
Solo Scrum Sprinter main window with Sprint Details and Countdown Timer

Solo SCRUM Sprinter App has following rules is simply; 

  • Sprint time is added to repeat time when creating calendar appointment
  • double booking is set by default, change in sss,ini file
  • minimum appointment size is 10mins, change in sss.ini file

Solo SCRUM Sprinter App defaults to the following pop-up message, which you can customize.

This is where you can enter the the Sprint description and then simply save the .ics file or open immediately in the default .ICS file associated application. This works best with Micorosoft Outlook. 

This is your own personal 
SCRUM clock, setting sprint length and restart times. This app will add sprint time with wait time. 

This app will keep you agile and aware of the time is flying by when you are busy.

Download Demo

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Privacy Statement: 
This software contains no malware, spyware of any kind. Moreover, no information, whether personal or telemetry is tracked.

References: - Kanban vs SCRUM

Licensed Price

$47.77 USD (Enterprise bulk licensing available).

Purchase:  Use Contact form to inquire about licenses. Enterprises can negotiate a deal.
Requires a Windows licensing tool to be run. 

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